Department of Information Technologies

Istanbul Galata University Department of Information Processing is responsible for ensuring that the staff and students use the developing information and communication technologies at the highest level.


BlackBoard Distance Learning Platform

BlackBoard distance education platform is used at Istanbul Galata University. They can access all their courses at


E–mail Address

Our students enrolled in our university are given e-mail addresses in the form of and there is an e-mail quota of 100GB. Students carry out all communication with the University administration through the e-mail accounts given to them.

E-mail usage file.


Office Programs

Each student has 5 Office 365 licenses assigned to their e-mail accounts. They can use the programs by installing them on their computers or mobile devices for free.


Cloud storage

There are 2TB capacity OneDrive cloud storage areas where our students can store their assignments and files. They can use it as long as they are students.


Using Internet

Our students can use the "Galata University-Student" SSD on our Campuses with the e-mail addresses and passwords given to them.



Our students can use the fully equipped computers in the computer laboratories of our University outside of the classroom.


Our Team

İzzet Sucu Head of IT Department
Murat Tufan IT Assistant Specialist