• 2021-2022 Education System

    Dear Students,

    2021 – 2022 academic year of our university will start on Monday, October 11, 2021.

    Based on the ECTS value in the preparatory class, associate degree programs and undergraduate departments at our university, it has been decided that 40% will be given through distance teaching and 60% through face – to – face teaching.

    The courses in the fall semester curricula of the faculties and Vocational Schools, arranged according to distance and face-to-face education, will be shared on our website after they are decided by the Faculty and Vocational School boards.

    Due to the epidemic conditions, there will be no obligation to attend the course in the fall semester.

    The courses that are decided to be given face-to-face will also be published online by the relevant instructor via the distance education system BlackBoard, and all courses will be recorded.

    Mask, distance and cleaning rule, which is the basis of the fight against the COVID-19 global epidemic, is applied in our buildings.

    Classrooms will be constantly ventilated between classes and a safe campus environment will be created.

    At the entrance of the building, our students will be asked for the HES code, and people who are determined to be risky will not be allowed to enter the buildings.

    In order not to disrupt our education system, it is important for our University students to complete their COVID-19 vaccinations or submit a negative PCR test taken within the last 72 hours. Let's not forget that the most effective method to protect our own health and the health of those around us is vaccination. We wish you a healthy academic year. Istanbul Galata University Rectorate


    We wish you a healthy academic year.

    Istanbul Galata University Rectorate;

  • Distance Education Activities

    In our university, which participated in the Higher Education System in 2020, education and training activities were carried out with the Blackboard Learn-Collaborate system solution, which is a distance education system during the epidemic. Our students studying at the 2020-2021 Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Sport Sciences and Vocational School participated in education and training activities safely and without any problems under the epidemic conditions with our distance education system.


    In our 13 departments within our faculties, 177 virtual lesson activities were held together with our activities. In-term and end-of-term evaluations of the courses were carried out in the virtual campus system, which is our distance education system. Interactive assessment tools such as homework, assignment or presentation were used within the scope of the assessments. During the assessments, exam security, mixed question-answer and Turnitin plagiarism practices are prevented.


    Events such as the epidemic, webinars and workshops held within our University were also carried out with the Blackboard Learn-Collaborate system solution, which is a distance education method. In this context, our distance education system has become an area where not only teaching activities but also social activities are carried out.


    For the Blackboard Learn-Collaborate system solution, which constitutes the infrastructure of our distance education system, "User Manuals" have also been created for our students and faculty members, sent via e-mail and published on our website. During the distance education, all kinds of announcements were sent to our students via SMS and e-mail.


    For detailed information, please contact uzem@galata.edu.tr.