Editorial Office

Istanbul Galata University Registrar's Office, recording all official letters sent to our University from outside the institution and individuals, tracking the incoming and outgoing document processes via EBYS (Electronic Document Management System), finalizing the work and transactions, EBYS management, ensuring that EBYS is carried out effectively by all personnel. Carrying out the necessary support and training to ensure that the students are used, fast and healthy time management and conducting all correspondence, writing the decisions of the boards within the University, preparing and following the works and transactions related to the decisions, and keeping the physical documents according to the Standard File Plan of Higher Education Upper Institutions and Higher Education Institutions with Retention Period. filing, archiving, following the legal regulations and technology regarding official correspondence, controlling and following the Electronic Document Management System (EBYS) and physical correspondence standards, as well as other correspondence processes given by the Rectorate and the General Secretariat.



Our Team

Gaye DURAK Editor Affairs Specialist gaye.durak@galata.edu.tr