Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


The Gastronomy and Culinary Arts branch is one of the popular branches In the world. In this context, gastronomy is the science of establishing the relationship between food and culture. For gastronomy, it can also be called a fondness for good food, the art of good food, understanding of food, and the science of food. A good gastronomer is like a good musician who knows mathematics. He can feel all the ingredients and proportions of a morsel he tastes. Gastronomes can find jobs in many fields from the food industry to tourism and hotel management. It is expressed as one of the important professions of today.


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Graduates of Public Relations and Advertising Department are incumbent to introduce individuals, institutions or organizations to the public and to carry out studies to increase brand awareness.

Graduates of this department have started to address a wide range of areas with the development of today’s technology. In the digitized structure, perception operations, brand and image management have also started to be carried out in larger areas. Thus, the graduates of the department can find work areas with different titles in Digital advertising agencies, advertising companies, brand consultancy companies, political parties, corporate communication departments of companies, marketing companies and many similar areas . Public relations and advertising have been an important strategy for many businesses under intense competitive conditions, and job opportunities are quite high for graduates who have been educated and experienced in this field.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


The Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design is an interdisciplinary department that aims to train staff who will provide livable, sustainable, healthy and respect to ethical values and a high aesthetic sense of interior and environmental designs for all residents. Graduates can find the opportunity to work in many institutions and organizations, especially construction companies, building decoration companies, interior decoration brands, architectural consultancy companies, home decoration companies.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Graduates of the Communication and Design Department can work as a designer in software companies. In these companies, they can do web design, mobile application interface and motion picture. They can work as a cinematographer, art director and creative director in advertising companies and production companies.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Psychology is the social science that studies human behavior and mental processes. People who are curious and like to observe and enjoy reading a lot can be successful in psychology.

Psychology graduates can become clinic psychologists by pursuing a master’s degree in clinic psychology, and can work as psychologists in government and private organizations. In today’s stressful work conditions, the importance of expert psychologists has increased. In this context, it is one of the most sought-after branches in our country.

  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Experimental Psychology
  • Department of Developmental Psychology
  • Department of Clinical Psychology
  • Department of Social Psychology
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


First of all, it can be said that the Management Information Systems Department has very attractive opportunities in terms of business. In the business world, especially in e-commerce, software development and in system development sciences in the information processing centers of private or public institutions in every field. task can be taken. The aim of the Management Information Systems Department; To provide students with the ability to understand the processes of planning, designing, establishing and managing the methods, processes and systems used to meet the needs of businesses and individuals to produce, store, share and access information that give its name to the era and society we live in. Information technology-based systems are developing all over the world and are included in all areas of life. For this purpose, the courses in the department are planned for students to have sufficient knowledge. Individuals will have significant knowledge in informatics with various programming, software courses, and will benefit from internship and on-the-job training to gain experience in the sector.