Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

As we set out to establish the Bulut Education endowment, our goal  was to explain that a bright future will only rise on the glorious legacy of the past, that if we act with historical awareness, the path to the goal will be covered much faster, and to establish a university that reminds our young people of all this with its name. For this reason, our name is Galata University.


We all know that; The effort to understand the universe in which humans live and the instinct to advance their own individual development, that is, the age in which science and education took the first steps is as old as the history of humanity.


Mankind has come a long way since then. It has profoundly and incredibly changed and transformed life, people and the environment; It made a fascinating adventure journey from primitive society to the age of technology and information. The advancement adventure of mankind, who built the modern world, continues, curiosity and the passion for discovery have always been the keys to this development.


This is exactly why; As someone who believes in education and human power, I founded this university with the belief that investing in human education is investing in the future of the world waiting to be discovered.


 Erich Fromm says “The main purpose of education is to make children aware of their abilities,”. My dream while establishing this university was to create an environment that would make this possible. Acting on the fact that each student is an individual and equipped with unique abilities, the aim was to create an educational environment that allows them to explore their own limits.


I believe that universities have to create an effective system to prepare their students for life, they should see that meeting the expectations of the students, that is, respecting the student, is the first step to success. This is what I want to do here. Thinking, making decisions and moving forward together with young people while preparing them for the future. We know that Academia first of all requires a free environment, creativity only develops in free environments. Minds that will create innovative inventions that carry us to the future need education and freedom.


Young people want another world, I know. Research shows that young people see doing what they love is more important than the money they earn. I am aware that there is a strong generation that puts freedom before wealth. We want to create an opportunity for these young people, our students, to hold on to the future more tightly with education and enable them to freely do what they want.


The basic elements of quality in education are expertise, departure from populism, continuity in qualified practices, strong infrastructure and continuity of R&D studies. Success in higher education is possible with their strong combination. The qualified education students will receive will increase their self-confidence. Self-confident students have nothing that they cannot achieve, this is the most important source of motivation. We want to raise young people who believe in themselves.


Under the guidance of scientific understanding; I believe that a university, which is the gateway to research and science, continuous development and advancement with the age, continuous communication and cooperation with the global world, and achieving high goals, will open the door to the world that students dream of. This is my ideal.



Chair of the Board of Trustees