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Patrocloss Michail Campanakis is the architect of the 144-year-old historical building located in Şişhane district of Istanbul and was built as the residence of the Tubini Family, who migrated from Chios Island and was one of the Galata Bankers.

It was used as the headquarters of Galata Bankers for a long time.

Between 1890 and 1918 it served as Hotel Kroecker, run by the Germans.

In 1918, the occupation forces took over the hotel; the hotel was turned into the intelligence center of the occupation forces by the British intelligence officer John Godolphin Bennet.

Hotel Kroecker split into two in 1922 with the evacuation of the British Forces.

After 1935, the Istanbul City Conservatory and then the workshop of Foto Sander operated in Galata building.

In this valuable building, which was turned into the center of industry by the Chamber of Industry in 1958, Istanbul Galata University will begin its education life in 2020.