Physiotherapy Program

Physiotherapy program is a field of health science that serves to help individuals who experience functional loss due to congenital or later trauma, injury or any disease and to increase their quality of life and independence.


As the Vocational School Physiotherapy Program within our university, our students are given 2-year training, which includes practical and theoretical courses in their fields. Program language is Turkish.


Students who graduate from this program receive the title of "Physiotherapy Technician". Physiotherapy Technicians are assistant health personnel who, as a result of the training they receive, work on physical therapy methods and practices under the supervision of a physical therapy physician and physiotherapist, depending on multidisciplinary principles.


Physiotherapy Technicians can work in hospitals, private health institutions, special education centers, sports/health centers, sports clubs, retirement homes and spas and thermal facilities and hotels for health tourism.


Students in this department can transfer to Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services and Health Management undergraduate departments with the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS).