Chairman of the Board of Trustees

As someone who believes in education and human power, I founded Istanbul Galata University™ with the belief that investing in human education is investing in the world's future waiting to be discovered.


"The main purpose of education is to make children aware of their own abilities.” Said Erich Fromm. My dream when establishing Istanbul Galata University was to create an environment that would make this possible. If a single student is unhappy at a university, that university is not successful. Therefore, our biggest investment will be in our students. Istanbul Galata University has only one purpose; The schools to which they have delivered their future should prepare them very well for the future.


Under the guidance of scientific understanding; A University that is the door of research and science, of continuous deve - lopment and progress with the age, of continuous communi - cation and cooperation with the global world, and of achieving high goals, I believe, will open the door of the world they dream of to its students. In order for young entrepreneurs to be successful in the future, we will move forward by doing everything we can do together.


We will complete this journey together.



Chairman of the Board of Trustees